Un post por tuit

y un dos tres por mí y todos mis compañeros opinólogos de la tuitósfera.

Es decir.

Escribir un post detrás de cada tuit que publiquemos con la finalidad de echar más basura a la mierda cibernética de información en la que nos sumergimos, regodeándonos del ego.

Por ejemplo:


Después de ver el primer episodio de Black Mirror me dio la sensación de  vivir en la generación de los publicistas, en la que el guión funciona a base de una gran idea que se debe explotar o vender, donde los personajes y la historia caen como la materia y la luz en un hoyo negro, sin escapatoria, perdiendo forma y dimensión, sin contexto real, a merced del plotting device.

Alguien me dijo que eso se llama deux ex machina. Que es la firma de un escritor perezoso, eso de crear personajes no creíbles en sí y fuera de sí para hacer funcionar la trama o la venta o lo que sea.

PD. Post patrocinado por los productores de The Scary Door de Futurama.


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3 respuestas a Un post por tuit


    FADE IN:
    Fry and Bender sit on the couch with their feet up on the table. There are crumbs, Chinese take-away boxes and a burger on the table. A creepy Twilight Zone-esque show starts on the TV. The opening titles are a star field background with various objects flying past the camera.
    NARRATOR (V.O., ON TV): You’re entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location.
    A stopwatch and telephone fly past.
    NARRATOR (V.O.): The kind of place where there might be a monster or some kind of weird mirror.
    An old boot, a man shampooing his hair and a half-eaten drumstick fly past.
    NARRATOR (V.O.): These are just examples. It could also be something much better.
    A door rotates towards the camera in the centre of the picture.
    NARRATOR (V.O.): Prepare to enter The Scary Door.
    The door opens onto the titles, which shatter like glass. The show begins and the first scene the camera pans over a post-apocalyptic WASTELAND. The camera glides past smoking rubble.
    NARRATOR (V.O.): As per your request, please find enclosed the last man on earth.
    The camera stops moving. The LAST MAN ON EARTH climbs some stairs into a public library.
    Inside the LIBRARY, the man walks between the bookshelves.
    MAN (ON TV): Finally, solitude. I can read books for all eternity.
    His glasses break.
    MAN (ON TV): It’s not fair! It’s not fair! Wait, my eyes aren’t that bad. I can still read the large print books.
    His eyes fall out and he screams.
    MAN (ON TV): It’s not f– Well, lucky I know how to read Braille!
    His hands fall off and he screams. Then his tongue falls out and finally his head comes off.
    MAN (ON TV): Hey, look at that weird mirror!
    Fry, still watching the TV, shudders.
    BENDER: Cursed by his own hubris!

  2. Adriana Degetau dijo:

    [Closing Credits. Over the credits is a deleted scene from The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz. The opening titles of The Scary Door play.]
    Narrator: [voice-over; on TV] You’re on a scenic route through a state recreation known as the human mind. You ask a passer-by for directions, only to find he has no face or something. Suddenly, up ahead, a door in the road. You swerve, narrowly avoiding The Scary Door.

    [The Scary Door graphic appears on the TV and shatters. In a lab, a mad scientist pours stuff from one bottle to another.]
    Scientist: [on TV] I have combined the DNA of the world’s most evil animals to make the most evil creature of them all.

    [He pours the liquid into a machine and it crackles and a door in it opens. A man emerges from the smoke.]
    Man: [on TV] It turns out it’s Man.

    [Dramatic, incidental music.]

  3. Jajajajajajajaja no mames!

    PROFESSOR FARNSWORTH: Who knows? Probably some hogwash about the human spirit.
    BENDER: Mmm-hmmm.
    FRY: Sounds about right.


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