You’re never grown up

La intro del documental sobre Keith Richards en Netflix:


Life’s a funny thing, you know. But I’ve always thought 30 years was about it. Beyond that would be horrible to be alive. Until I got to be 31. Then, “Why, I ain’t so shabby,” you know. “I’ll hang in a while.” As you go along, your realize that this whole concept of growing up is… You’re not grown up until the day they put you six feet under. You’re never grown up.

Frases que me gustaron de su libro Life:

life kr

For many years I slept, on average, twice a week. This means that I have been conscious for at least three lifetimes.

It’s got nothing to do with rock. It’s to do with roll.

That faculty gets trained in you over the years, observing people, how they react to one another. Which, in a way, makes you weirdly distant. You shouldn’t really be doing it. It’s a little of Peeping Tom to be a songwriter.

I only eat when I feel like it, which is almost unheard-of in our culture. You don’t want to eat before you go on stage, and then when you get off, you’ve got to give it an hour or two before the adrenaline subsides, which is usually around three in the morning. You’ve got to hit it when you’re hungry. We’ve been trained from babyhood to have three square meals a day, the full factory–industrial revolution idea of how you’re supposed to eat. Before then it was never like that. You’d have a little bit often, every hour. But when they had to regulate us all, “OK, mealtime!” That’s what school’s about. Forget the geography and history and mathematics, they’re teaching you how to work in a factory. When the hooter goes, you eat. For office work or even if you’re being trained to be a prime minister, it’s the same thing. It’s very bad for you to stuff all that crap in at once. Better to have a bit here, a mouthful there, every few hours a bite or two. The human body can deal with it better than shoving a whole.

Bobby [Keys], you know what that means? We’re half man and half horse, and we got a license to shit in the streets.

The lifeblood of good conspiracies is that you’ll never find out; the lack of evidence keeps them fresh.

We have different ideas on religion. I’ve never found heaven, for example, a particularly interesting place to go. In fact, I take the view that God, in his infinite wisdom, didn’t bother to spring for two joints—heaven and hell. They’re the same place, but heaven is when you get everything you want and you meet Mummy and Daddy and your best friends and you all have a hug and a kiss and play your harps. Hell is the same place—no fire and brimstone—but they just all pass by and don’t see you. There’s nothing, no recognition. You’re waving, “It’s me, your father,” but you’re invisible. You’re on a cloud, you’ve got your harp, but you can’t play with nobody because they don’t see you. That’s hell.

The State Department had noted riots (true), civil disobedience (also true), illicit sex (whatever that is), and violence across the United States.

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2 respuestas a You’re never grown up

  1. Keith Richards also said: “If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet.”

    How can you argue with the man’s logic? O sea……….Hell, Yeah!

  2. Enrique Braun Perez Verdia dijo:

    Creo que estas mas guapa que antes,
    Tengo ganas de verte.Que dia comemos
    o cenamos la semana que entra del Martes
    en adelante Enrique Braun

    Enviado desde mi iPad


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